NDP13301KC is a high efficiency, monolithic synchronous step-down DC/DC converter utilizing a constant frequency, average current mode control architecture.  Capable of delivering up to 3.0A continuous load with excellent line and load regulation. The device operates from an input voltage range of 4.75V to 30V and provides an adjustable output voltage from 3.3V to 25V.  

The NDP13301KC features short circuit and thermal protection circuits to increase system reliability. The internal soft-start avoids input inrush current during startup.   

The NDP13301KC require a minimum number of external components. and a wide array of protection features to enhance reliability.




l  Wide VIN Range : 4.75V to 30V

l  3.0A Continuous Output Current

l  Up to 94% Efficiency

l  CC/CV Mode Control

l  100% Max Duty Cycle

l  Built in Adjustable Line-Compensation

l  Adjustable Output Voltages

l  ± 2% Output Voltage Accuracy

l  ± 5% Current Limit Accuracy

l  Integrated 56mΩ High Side Switch

l  Integrated 29mΩ Low Side Switch

l  Frequency(110KHz)

l  Burst Mode Operation at Light Load

l  Internal loop Compensation

l  Internal Soft Start

l  Available in SOP8 Package


l  Car Charger

l  Rechargeable Portable Devices

l  Networking Systems

l  Distributed Power Systems


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