The NDP2024 is a high-efficiency step-down LED driver controller with a wide input voltage range of 6V to 80V. It is designed to operate in continuous current mode

The NDP2024 employs a hysteretic control architecture that accurately regulates LED current with a feedback coming from an external high-side current-sense resistor. This control scheme optimizes circuit stabilization               and fast response time without loop compensation. Its low 200mV average feedback voltage reduces power loss and improves the converter’s efficiency.

The NDP2024 implements PWM and analog dimming together through the EN/DIM pin.

          The NDP2024 also Includes thermal overload protection in case of output.


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l  Wide 6V to 80V Input Range

l  Able to Drive >1A LED Load

l  Hysteresis Control

l  High Efficiency (>95%)

l  2500:1 PWM Dimming Ratio

l  Open LED Protection

l  Short LED Protection

l  Thermal Shutdown

l  RoHS and Halogen free compliance.

l  Available in SOT23-6 Package


l  Low Voltage Halogen Replacement

l  Low Voltage General Illumination

l  Automotive/Decorative LED Lighting

l  Emergency Lighting

l  LED Backlighting

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