The NDP4055SE is a low cost, Single-cell, constant-current/constant-voltage Li-Ion battery charger. with a few external components the NDP4055SE is very small standalone charger for single lithium-ion batteries.

Charge current is set externally with a single resistor, no blocking diode is required due to the internal MOSFET architecture. The NDP4055SE charges to a final float voltage accurate to ±0.6%, The NDP4055SE automatically terminates the charge cycle when the charge current drops to 1/10th the programmed value after the final float voltage is reached and automatically puts into a sleep mode while removing input power.

The output is both current and thermally protected to prevent operating outside of safe limits. UVLO, Thermal, OVP and reverse connection protection are also available.

The NDP4055SE is available in SOT23-6 package.


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l  Standalone Li-Ion Charger with Thermal regulation

l  Preset Charge Voltage with ±0.6% accuracy

l  Suitable for USB-Powered Charging

l  No Sense resistor or blocking diode required

l  Programmable charge current: 100mA to 600mA.

l  C/10 Charge termination

l  12V Absolute maximum Input voltage.

l  Low battery charging conditioning

l  6.2V Input Over Voltage Protect

l  Automatic Recharge

l  Negligible Battery Drain Current in Shutdown

l  Protection against battery reverse connection

l  Self-protection for overcurrent/overtemperature

l  Available in SOT23-6 Package


l  Cellular telephones

l  Handheld computers

l  Charging docks and cradles

l  Low cost and small size chargers

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